Recuperating Long Lost Plastics

Uninhabited City

It was only a few short months ago that, while reading The World Without Us by Alan Weisman, I first learned about these extremely large pools of plastic bits floating around in the Pacific. I always new that plastics in the oceans were an issue, that fish and other creatures died in plastic snares and ate . . . → Read More: Recuperating Long Lost Plastics

London Bullet Building: The Pride Of London

london gherkin

About The Building

Opened at the end of May 2004, 30 St Mary Axe, which is more fondly and popularly called the London Bullet Building, is a 180 m or 591 ft tall structure (compare this with the 828 m tall Burj Khalifa, the tallest man-made structure in the world at present or the Heron Tower, which . . . → Read More: London Bullet Building: The Pride Of London

Everrich 2 Mixed Use Property


As time moves forward we will present more and more buildings and properties that should be considered for our sustainable city. There are a lot of arguments to be made for mixed use structures. The big positive with a mixed use facility is the lack of transportation burdens. Moving people carries a great cost. Everything from . . . → Read More: Everrich 2 Mixed Use Property

Eco Friendly Homes for Today’s City

eco friendly home

When you think of the phrases eco friendly and environmentally conscious, you may be tempted to think it must consist of a significant amount of hard work, and must be rather boring. Neither of these misconceptions are true. Eco friendly homes can be a part of an exciting lifestyle. You know you are . . . → Read More: Eco Friendly Homes for Today’s City

Green Roof Design

grass covered houses

Green roofs will be a big part of our sustainable city, our city of the future. In fact just about all buildings will have some green roof design elements incorporated in them. There are many positives and no negatives. It’s like comparing a little slice of forest or meadow with a parking lot. You won’t get . . . → Read More: Green Roof Design

Remote Data Centers Running on Renewable Energy

A key infrastructure item in our sustainable city will of course be data centers and the movement of information. A beautiful aspect to information is that is does not need to be housed locally. In our city, space & energy will be a premium concern. If certain elements can be outsourced then thei will only work . . . → Read More: Remote Data Centers Running on Renewable Energy

The Fastest Elevators, speed and safety

Hitachi's G1 Tower

A key to having a large number of people living within a small footprint, which is of utmost importance in our city, is building very high density and very tall buildings. Building height simply cannot be improved upon without improvements in the field of moving people vertically – elevators.

Elevators in standard sized buildings — ten stories . . . → Read More: The Fastest Elevators, speed and safety

Follow these Tweets

While looking around at other environmental/sustainability sites to get some inspiration for this place I came across The Chic Ecologist. The site is wonderful and this week they share a terrific resource – Twitterers in the ecological domain.

Here’s a few, check out the Chic Ecologist for the full list…

Green Living

@inhabitat – Green design in your . . . → Read More: Follow these Tweets

The Philology Library at Berlin’s Free University


A sustainable city begins and ends with the types of buildings that populate it. There is no point in having superb infrastructure and clean rapid transit if your buildings all have dirty smokestacks, ooze out energy from leaky windows and are generally poorly designed. A big part of this website will be showcasing architecture and design that leads . . . → Read More: The Philology Library at Berlin’s Free University