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vertical farming

Common Vertical Farming Disadvantages

By 2025, the population of the world will increase from 6.6 billion to 8 billion. Giant swathes of farmland are disappearing each year as deserts continue to grow larger. At the moment, people are still able to survive due to advances in farming technology. However, the natural resources in our planet will eventually run out. [...]

masdar careers

Sustainable Business and the Masdar City Project

Environmentalism has taken massive leaps and bounds forward over the past decade. From the standardization of biological and hydrological fuel sources to the popularization of solar systems to the introduction of minimal waste systems, the green movement has never been stronger. A new project in the United Arab Emirates, however, seeks to put to shame [...]

Floating Cities

I’ve been noticing the topic of floating cities come up more and more across the web lately. Is it a serious idea for future city planners or just a masturbatory exercise as suggested by one commenter. The idea I suppose is that our cities are becoming more and more saturated, dirty and broken with many [...]

EcoVillage Ithica – A Successful Experiment In Communal Living

Ecovillage Ithica is a 175-acre communal living property located on the outskirts of Ithaca, New York. The central New York community of Ithaca is about 220 miles or a 5-hour drive from New York City. It is 3 hours to Buffalo and just an hour from Syracuse. Ithaca is a beautiful and very livable city [...]