Eco Friendly Homes for Today’s City

When you think of the phrases eco friendly and environmentally conscious, you may be tempted to think it must consist of a significant amount of hard work, and must be rather boring. Neither of these misconceptions are true. Eco friendly homes can be a part of an exciting lifestyle. You know you are doing your part to protect and preserve the environment, but have fun at the same time.

One easy principle to remember and put into practice is the less waste created, the better for everyone concerned. You can start by checking around your home and noting how much waste could be eliminated. Some good ideas include recycling glass, metals, and other products, rather than simply trying to dispose of them; and having a yard sale so others can benefit from your unwanted household goods, clothing, and electronics. Eliminating unnecessary waste can also include repairing leaky faucets, using an energy efficient toilet, and replacing all of your incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs.

Considering solar energy is another great idea. Solar lighting is one example. Your patio or balcony may have electrical lights, complete with potentially dangerous cords and high energy bills. It is simple to replace them with solar lights. Solar powered lights gain all of their energy from the sun’s natural light, and produce the ideal amount of lighting for you. Instead of draining energy resources, the solar form of lighting is one hundred percent natural. Nothing is drained from the environment, and nothing is put into it.

While you might be familiar with lightning, you may not know about solar heating. Depending upon the construction of your home, solar panels may be an option. Not only is it much better for the natural environment, it also looks beautiful. Adding panels will help to keep your entire home comfortable inside, while giving it a lovelier appearance from the outside.

If you have a water heater which requires gas or electricity to operate, consider a solar heater. Operating on the same principle as lighting, it conserves energy and works in an all-natural way.

An eco friendly house or apartment includes using “green” products. When considering specific products, there are two important points to keep in mind. First, how the products will affect the home; and second, how their disposal will affect your environment. The first part of this means choosing products which do not contain harmful, toxic chemicals. Household cleaning products made of all-natural ingredients work very well. The second part means using products which are completely biodegradable. Both the product itself and its container should pose no threat to the land, air, or waterways. All you need to do to ensure your products are green is to read the labels before purchasing. This simple step can make a world of difference.

While you are thinking of an ecologically friendly lifestyle, keeping your car in the garage and opting to walk instead is good for you as well as for the world you live in. Saving money and having wonderful benefits to your health are as important as helping to keep the air fresh and clean.

It is amazing how so few changes can make a positive impact on the planet. Equally important, you will enjoy every minute of your new “green” lifestyle.

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