Everrich 2 Mixed Use Property

As time moves forward we will present more and more buildings and properties that should be considered for our sustainable city. There are a lot of arguments to be made for mixed use structures. The big positive with a mixed use facility is the lack of transportation burdens. Moving people carries a great cost. Everything from the environmental costs of car manufacturing to road building adds to the impact of moving people. Mixed use buildings help alleviate this problem.

What is a mixed use facility? Simply a building or group of buildings in which you can work, shop and live. When you can take an elevator downstairs to get your groceries and walk a couple hundred yards to get to the office then owning a car becomes unnecessary. Of course you’ll still want to get away from time to time to visit friends, explore cultural venues and take vacations but for these a rental might make more sense or if your facility is very forward thinking it would provide a motor pool service. I am not currently aware of a Property that offers this but will put it on the list of topics to be covered here in the future.

The whole point of choosing a city as the ultimate place to live in the future is its overall footprint. You can have a thousand people living in a very small area quite comfortably and a mixed use property capitalizes on this concept like no other. The new Everrich 2 complex being built in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam is a fantastic example of a mixed use development.

Looking like a huge white roller coaster the Everrich project encompasses over six hundred thousand square meters and houses over three thousand citizens. It will boast two levels of retail space and a huge public commons area in the oval interior. This project is not a fantasy, work has already begun (Jan. 2010) and we will update you on its progress. I can’t wait to find out more detail on this site, there is very little info on the architect’s website – http://www.dwp.com/

What we can see in the images that have been released is that the scale of the project is immense, truly spectacular. I see there will be significant use of green roof design as well as staircase planting areas and rooftop swimming spots.

Thanks to DesignBoom for showcasing this community.

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